Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rambling Again

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WOW!!! What a week I've had. Got a LOT of stuff accomplished.

First off, let me just tell you I was a dumbass last night. I have probably injured myself (mostly my right wrist) by moving a 74 lb box full of engine parts that was delivered and left on the sidewalk while I was in Duluth yesterday. Lightning was all around again and I didn't know if it could get wet (husband is still on the West coast and probably will be for another week), so I tossed it on a big piece of cardboard and dragged it into the pole barn. By yanking it properly for my back but NOT for my arms, I think I popped the tendon out of place on my right wrist and my left elbow, and I can feel a chip of something floating around so I think I damaged the end of the radius. I've got the wrist splinted now and since I'm seeing my Doc on Monday, I'll have him check it out. So, this weekend I'll be laying low and doing paperwork and bills and getting the place safe for the grandkid's visit on Sunday.

I managed to get the whole floor scrubbed down and move all my husband's crap to the sidelines. Then I moved out most all of the furniture except for the bed and couch (too heavy to move alone) and the computer stuff since I need the Mr. to do the wires for the routers and modem. I could do it, but I don't know where the wire is. I have plenty of other stuff to move yet. I managed an all nighter (11:30 pm Saturday until 12:30 pm on Sunday) putting together an improvised Melamine Island out of 2 laundry Base cabinets for the kitchen area. I also managed to drop one of the boxes that held a base cabinet onto my foot. Broke a ton of blood vessels and it hurt like hell, but it's healing up quite nicely. No broken bones that I can tell, but some numbness that won't go away. I've also moved a bazzillion boxes of crap out there. I'm going to need to spend a few days just emptying them and sorting the stuff and putting it away in the proper place before I can haul out any more.

In the down time I managed to take my step-dad into the doctor and bring him to visit an assisted living facility. He said it was nice, but he didn't think he was ready yet. He IS, but doesn't know it. The doctor is sending him for a driver's license evaluation. If he looses his license (which he most likely will), he may change his mind. I feel so sorry for him, but he's a danger to himself and other's. His dementia is getting worse and he's drinking heavily on top of that. He has a room-mate that I pay to look after him and keep him from driving, but the room-mate will be leaving by the middle of November at the latest, so I have to get my step-dad out of that house. On a fun note, I get to get a stool sample from him on Monday. Sheesh! I guess that's TMI, but it causes me a LOT of stress and that makes my disease flare up worse. But, since I'm all he has in this world, I have to take care of things for him. We'll get by somehow, him and me.

I ordered books today. I got all five of Treasury of Knitting Patterns , A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns, Charted Knitting Designs: A Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns , Fourth Treasury of Knitting Patterns, and Mosaic Knitting by Barbara G. Walker. I've always wanted the, so.....I also ordered 3 Certificate of Excellence workbooks from The Handweaver's Guild of America . I got the ones for Dyeing, Spinning and Weaving. I am not going to try and send in the stuff and get any certificates. I just want to improve myself.

I managed to get some more knitting done on my Wing-of-the-Moth Shawl. I'm one row away from the starting the border. I have to say that this is an easy and fun knit.

Oh, Crap...Phone call.....Mother of grandkid is sick and I have grandkid in 1/2 and hour which means I have to kid proof.....Take care all.....


Alpaca Granny said...

Tracy, how do you do so much? Sounds like you need to slow down and stop being a hazard to yourself.
Geeze, woman, stop moving all that stuff.

JustApril said...

That IS a LOT you have accomplished. I think I need a lie down after reading it. Hope you have a good time with the grandkid and some rest time as well.

AlisonH said...

Wow. Just, wow. You do SO much more than I can even imagine.