Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What I'm Spinng Now....

This is some domestic wool top the I have dyed with blotches of black, teal, purple, and blue acid dyes. It seems to be coming out nicely. I'm on the last of 3 bobbins now. It comes out to about 1 pound of singles. I'm planning on 3-plying it. I have to modify my tensioned lazy-kate so I can fit my
WooLee Winder bobbins on it. They are a little longer than my Ashford Traditional bobbins. I'm not quite sure what I will do with this stuff. I was thinking of using it for the pattern color in the Elizabeth Zimmermann Yoked Sweater. I'll have to spin up a natural white or grey solid for the background, I suppose. I wonder if this stuff would be too dark?

I have a ton of this fleece and I was thinking I could lighten it up by carding it with white fleece to make it a real soft, light. grey. I'll have to try that when I finish spinning and plying of this stuff. Any opinions are appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy! Wow, that stuff looks FABULOUS!! Great colors, and I'm very impressed with the spun result!

Let's see, my size these days is LARGE... but my feet haven't grown...

Only kidding, these are YOUR COLORS!! Be sure to post photos of what you make with it.

And great to see YOU in the photos!

Cathy in Oly

Tracy said...

Thanks, Cathy. They are MY colors. You can't have them :)