Sunday, June 17, 2007

Busy Week

What a week. I've had no chance to work on any spinning stuff, and only about 45 minutes to knit on my wimple.

Spent my birthday on Wednesday running errands for my ailing step-dad while he was in Alaska visiting my brother. Checked his house again and there was a horrible stench! I checked out his fridge and tossed some green stuff, washed his extremely moldy coffee maker and it still stunk in there. I just couldn't figure where it was coming from. Then I decided to check the oven. I found what was left of a 3 pound pork roast that had never been cooked putrefying. It had been in there at least 2 weeks. Gag!

The GOOD thing that day was when I got home, my son, who is a mushroom fanatic, gave me The Rainbow Beneath My Feet
I can't wait to go "shrooming" and trying this out.

Today, I'm going to try and comb the brown Cotswold fleece for my shawl before the grand-girl gets here. 5-pitch English combs and 2-year olds don't mix. Have a great day.