Monday, June 11, 2007

Shawl Inspiration

I took a picture of thisPromethia Moth last week and I just loved the colors. While I was wondering what to do for the Spun Stitches KAL it kind of hit me. Why not take the dominate colors of the moth and make a blend to spin for a shawl?

So I looked through my stash and I found some.

(Clockwise from top)Deep Brown Cotswold. Tussa Silk, Grey/Brown Alpaca, Black Alpaca, Red Kid Mohair, and a Light Grey Hogget Coopworth.

I think it will work. Then I had to figure out what shawl to knit. Well, there could be only one... Wing-of-the-Moth . Now I just have to find the time. It's been hard to locate.


Monika said...

What a wonderful idea! I'm amazed.

Gramma Lori said...

wow... just wow!